Start date: July 3, 2020

End date: July 31, 2020

Please find below details below re Children’s Online Liturgy from a Primary Teacher from the Dunkeld Diocese. 

I’m Emily, a primary teacher, children’s liturgy catechist and mother of 4 children from the Dunkeld Diocese. Since the lockdown started I’ve been creating children’s liturgy videos so that children can still have access to some form of children’s liturgy sessions. I originally was just doing this for my own parish children’s liturgy group but recently quite a lot of other parishes have been using them also so I thought I would share this resource with anybody else who this may be helpful for 🙂

The Facebook page I have created to share resources on is called ‘Children’s Liturgy during Lockdown’ and has weekly videos for each Sunday as well as craft ideas for children to have a go at which link to that Sunday’s Gospel. The videos are just 10 minutes long, with a children’s version of the Gospel, short explanation as well as little song, prayer and something for the children to make to help remind them of each week’s Gospel message.

I’m going to be putting some more liturgical craft ideas up on my Facebook page this week (Children’s Liturgy during Lockdown) as well as some simple ideas for ways that families can pray together. I absolutely love sharing Christ’s message with the children and would be really happy for people to use this.

Hope you are well and staying safe 🙂

God bless,

YouTube link below…